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Haverhill’s unique old window shopping

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010 by

As much as I enjoy speculating about downtown’s available real estate, and constantly clamor for a few necessities to come to town, (like clothing boutiques, paper/book/gift shops, or a coffee shop that stays open evenings) this series of photographs by Kerry Hawkins of K Hawkins Photo and Design has reminded me that even on the path to gentrification, we should always be sure to stop and smell the roses.

One of Haverhill's many downtown barber shops.

One of Haverhill's many downtown barber shops.

In the early evening after the shops have closed and before the restaurants and bars start filling up, I can walk down Merrimack to Washington and hear little more than the rushing of the river and the clicking of my own heels on the sidewalk. Sometimes it feels like I have the entire downtown all to myself. How much longer is that going to last?

Bold enough to eschew flat screens? This model is for you.

How much longer will these dusty windows be packed with outmoded technology that give me the giggles? Beppers are already gone, after all! How many more trips past the hair braiding salon will I take before someone buys that amazing red, white, and blue tri-level wig I still have yet to get a good photo of? In order to get the amenities I so desperately want, is the compromise to lose out on all of this?

Wigs for stylish ladies

Though I get excited each time I see a glimmer of Haverhill’s future, (be it a building remodeled or a new business set up shop downtown) I realize that with each step forward we’re moving away from the Haverhill of the past and present. Someday, these quaint tableaus will cease to be there to amuse and inspire.

(Aren’t Kerry’s photos great? Check out her blog for more or support local art by making a purchase from her Etsy shop.)

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