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See that beautiful sunset? Blame Canada!

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010 by

The second I woke up on Memorial Day and caught a whiff of wood smoke, I was sure I’d slept straight through til BBQ time. But, that smoldering scent that greeted us all was courtesy of our neighbors from the true north strong and free, as cool winds blowing down from northern Quebec carried the smoke of the multiple forest fires blazing up there. And regrettably, hot dogs are not really breakfast food.

One positive outcome of all this air pollution is the beautiful smoky sunset, captured in this series of photographs by our new friend Emil, egkg1 on Flickr:




I asked Emil how he managed to get such gorgeous shots, and he said:

I was pretty sure it was going to be a colorful sunset, so my wife and I set off to look for a good place, high up, that faces west. We tried the top of the hill on Washington St., but couldn’t find a clear shot. We settled on the Target parking lot, behind Regan Ford. Not too shabby…Know of any good spots with some altitude and a clear view?

I’ll let all you Haverhillians weigh in- where’s the best scenic vista in town? Personally, the Target parking lot is my go-to place for leaf peeping. Do you have a favorite spot for taking in the view?

6 Responses to “See that beautiful sunset? Blame Canada!”

  1. rick says:

    Check out the view from Golden Hill School… nice downtown / river views

  2. Marc says:

    Observatory Avenue up by the radio towers – there’s a dead end road up there – nice view of the city as well.

  3. Emil says:

    Thanks guys! I’ll try them both.

  4. Danielle says:

    The best view I would say would be The Overlook above the Renaissance Country Club up Seven Sisters Rd

  5. It's Firg says:

    Danielle beat me…thats what I was going to say.