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It’s T-Shirt Tiiiiiiiime at Mal’s Lounge

February 10th, 2011 by

Thursday nights at Mal’s Lounge have had their ups and downs. Their former karaoke night was pretty cool but never really caught on and their Thursday night dance parties  struck me as, well,  “meh.” Until now, that is.

Yes. Oh, yes. (I'll even excuse the misplaced apostrophe.)

According to their Facebook page, Mal’s is now screening the latest episodes of Jersey Shore on their giant screen every Thursday night from 10:00 – 11:00pm. Afterward, they turn it all over to KISS108 Weekend Blowout deejay, Jay Michaels. Brilliant! What better way to kick off the weekend than fist pumping the night away?

I get a lot of flak for my love of Jersey Shore, but c’mon- it is so good! I mean, check out this mid-season trailer. Shizz’s about to get serriussss:

Mal’s really going all out with this Jersey Shore themed night, too. They offer Snickerdoodle Snookie and Citron Situation shots (both sounds like they’d get you ham-hocked faster than you can say “cabs are here!”)  so that after you’re done watching the episode you can reenact your favorite sloppy club scene.

Has anyone checked this night out yet? Any good? Personally, I’m psyched about this new development. In fact, I’m hosing myself down with self tanner as we speak.


Help Your Fellow Haverhillian: Kelsey Corlito

January 7th, 2011 by

Meet Kelsey. This 17 month old, the daughter of John and Lisa Corlito of Haverhill, has had 6 open heart surgeries since April and hasn’t been home since.

Kelsey Corlito

Kelsey Corlito needs your help.

From the Kelsey Carlito Foundation’s heart-wrenching blog:

With all the emotions of young parents – fear, anxiety, hope – John and Lisa handed their baby into the arms of the cardiac surgical team at Boston Children’s Hospital on April 5, 2010, the day after Easter. After nearly eight hours in surgery, the news following her operation was not the news any parent would want to hear. New words were used; “complicated, tricky, and unique.” Kelsey would need more surgery and she wasn’t going to survive without it. The doctors, with compassion, urged Lisa and John to take their baby home and “enjoy her for a week.” However, she never got to go home. No balloons or welcome home signs. Eight hours after being told she could go home, Kelsey lay limp in her father’s arms straining to breathe. She was transferred to the ICU in pulmonary edema.

And that was only the beginning! So far Kelsey has spent nearly half of her life in the hospital, undergoing various heart surgeries.  I can’t even imagine the toll this has taken on the Corlito family emotionally, let alone financially. Luckily, the Corlitos have a very thoughtful neighbor, Helen Zbitnoff, who alerted me to a fundraiser being organized to help the family pay the mounting medical bills threatening to put their livelihood and home at risk.

On Sunday January 16 from 12 – 5pm, bring this flyer into the Papa Gino’s on River Street and 20% of the pre-tax proceeds from any purchase you make (sans coupons) will go towards the Kelsey Corlito Foundation. There will also be a raffle of donated items including Red Sox tickets, so dine-in and try your luck. (But if you just want to grab a pie and run carry-out counts, too.) RSVP on Facebook today so you don’t forget!

If you’re not able to make the fundraiser but would still like to help a fellow Haverhillian, donations may be made online via Paypal or you can send a check to: Kelsey Corlito PO Box 2561 Westwood, MA 02090.

Also, hug your kids.

The Farmers’ Market

August 10th, 2010 by

A couple weeks ago, the lady and I ventured out into the devastating summer heat to check out the second week of the Haverhill Farmers’ Market.

As you’ll remember, I’m a big fan of fresh, non-diseased vegetables and I was not let down by the market.

Main St. and Bailey Blvd.

These were very, very tasty onions.

Real good in veggie tacos, fyi

I was a little underwhelmed by the amount of tents, but the quality of the food from vendors such as Wally’s definitely met expectations. I highly recommend checking out the market while there is still a good amount of summer left.

The ubiquitous summer corn on the cob

Check out the official website to get the low-down on the upcoming musical acts and other festivities.

I prayed for delicious - and it worked!

Haverhill bar crawl highlights

June 13th, 2010 by

In case you missed it, here are some highlights from this weekend’s big downtown bar crawl. A crowd of altruistic thirsty Haverhillians in their favorite sports gear hit 7 Haverhill Bars in 3 and-a-half hours (okay, maybe it was more of a bar SPRINT) last Friday, all to benefit the Haverhill High Athletic Department.

Lined up outside the Tap for bracelets at 7:00pm

Looks like someone's got a case of the Fever.

Cosmic Amanda and Chris give The Essex St. Grille two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Making colorful cocktails at Lounge 59.

Bar crawl organizer/referee Firg introducing Merrimack Delta Dub Set at Mal's Lounge.

The costume contest winner meets his adoring public.

As you can well imagine, a lot of our photos came out a bit…um…blurry, but it just goes to show that a fun time was had by all. Thanks to Firg for organizing it and to all the bars that participated. Good stuff!

Hot in herre: Firemen Singles Party at Evenfall

June 9th, 2010 by

From the sound of it, things are really heating up over at Evenfall, where as we speak UNWEDnesdays is hosting a Firemen Singles Party. We couldn’t be there ourselves tonight, so we sent our stealth photographer (cough Spiro cough) to get a few snaps of the action.

Firemen and the ladies who love them gathering at Evenfall's lounge.

Reports of some serious sizzle are not surprising, given the dark, romantic vibe of Evenfall’s lounge. Not to mention,  ladies love a man in uniform, and what lovelorn man in uniform wouldn’t appreciate a room full of admiring ladies? Put all of these factors together and you have a towering inferno of brilliance.

Hot fireman sandwich: New bar bite?

Also, a tip of the hat to the person who wrote this amazing copy promoting the event:

A game of shoots and ladders takes on a whole new meaning at the second of our Fireman Singles Parties…lavishing attention on the area’s bravest men ain’t so hard with a dance beat, complimentary appetizers, sponsorship by Bacardi and a chance to hit the town on us with your favorite man in uniform.

As great food + inspired cocktails + dance music + buff guys = recipe for success, I have no doubt Spiro and the gang will be fanning the flames of love for these smitten kittens again soon. So put $10 under your pillow and get ready to mark your calendars. We’ll update you when the next Firemen Singles Party comes to town.

Hearts afire?

Haverhill Fever: now with 100% more yard sale coverage

June 5th, 2010 by

Now, THIS is how we do yard sale signs in Boston!

Is it possible to be  scooped by a blog that you’re not technically even in competition with?

Separated though we are by about 3,000 miles of pure, unadulterated (okay, maybe somewhat adulterated) America, Vic Wong from Mission Mission and I had pretty much the same exact idea at the same time: “let’s put an RSS feed of all the local yard sales posted on Craigslist so the bargain-loving folks who read my blog can stay hip to all the sweet deals.”

Yes, that’s right- if you look down to your right a bit, you’ll see Haverhill Fever’s handy-dandy new feature: an up-to-the-minute feed of our fair city’s yard sales.

Unfortunately, Vic is much more organized than we at Haverhill Fever will ever be, so not only did he beat me to the punch, but here I am, posting this enthralling news after all of this weekend’s yard sales have closed up shop for the night.

But, hey, think of this way. Now, you know where to go looking for free stuff by the side of the road! Plus now you have something to look forward to next week, as I’ll start updating you every Friday afternoon with some hot yard sale tips.

(Yoooooou’re welcome.)

Come for the culture, stay for the merriment

May 21st, 2010 by

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably whizzed by Haverhill’s cultural attractions countless times, promising yourself that one day you’ll make an effort to check them out…a promise that has gone sadly unfulfilled.

Well,  here’s your chance to hit five of Haverhill’s historical hot spots in one afternoon, this Sunday from 12:30pm to 3:30pm.

Haverhill’s Cultural Treasures, a collaboration of five non-profit organizations, will present Unlock the Magic 2010, a trolley tour of Buttonwoods Museum, Tattersall Farm, Whittier Birthplace and Haverhill Firefighting Museum.

This unique celebration will feature entertainment, food, merriment and a grand Treasure Chest of prizes! (You had me at merriment, but ooooooh, prizes!) The afternoon culminates in a gala event at Winnekenni Castle from 4:00pm to 6:00pm.

Tickets are $25 for adults, and may be purchased online. You can also check out the Facebook invite for more information.

Can’t make the big event on Sunday? You can always make your own mini-tour of Haverhill’s historic sites any time you’d like:

Venue information
Buttonwoods Museum
240 Water Street
Haverhill, MA 01830

Haverhill Firefighting Museum
75 Kenoza Avenue
Haverhill, MA 01830

J.G. Whittier Birthplace
305 Whittier Road
Haverhill, MA 01830

Tattersall Farm
542 North Broadway
Haverhill, MA 01830

Winnekenni Castle
347 Kenoza Avenue
Haverhill, MA 01830

For more information on any of the above venues please call 978-994-9252.

Lounge 59 to unveil special cocktail at Haverhill’s Biggest Bar Crawl

May 17th, 2010 by

Have you RSVPd to Haverhill’s Biggest Bar Crawl on June 11th yet? It’s promising to be a pretty epic event, with a crowd of 105 (and growing every day) traveling to 7 different bars around downtown Haverhill. This is happening all within 3 1/2 hours, and with all proceeds of the $10 cover going to the Haverhill High Althetic Department.

There will be free food, a performance by Merrimack Delta Dub Set, and even…drumroll please…the unveiling of THE FEVER CUP, the first Haverhill Fever inspired cocktail.

I know, right!?

The evil geniuses behind this concoction are (of course) Haverhill Fever’s own Chris and his love for Pimm’s, and Patrick McCarthy, owner of Lounge 59 at 59 Washington St. downtown Haverhill. I recently caught up with Patrick at the bar and he gave me a run down of their awesome in-house infused liquor selection. Check out this video, shot by Andrew Firg:

As we were packing up I asked Patrick who would win in a fight and before I even got to name the combatants he boomed “ME!” I don’t doubt it! I also hear Lounge 59 has some pretty incredible homemade desserts, including tiramisu and boston creme pie. Anyone tried them yet?

Be sure to come by Lounge 59 for a Fever Cup during Haverhill’s Biggest Bar Crawl and say hi to me and Chris! We’ll be there with Haverhill Fever bumper stickers for all, and we’ll be giving away some much-coveted Haverhill Fever t-shirts.

(And hey, what do you think of the video? I know the upload’s a bit wonky, but if you like the content, let us know and we’ll make some more!)

Half Nelson, full Nelson, Willie Nelson

May 4th, 2010 by

Okay, first, for an enhanced blog experience, go here and start this post-appropriate little ditty. Nice, huh? I thought so.

Having come of age during the height of Hulkamania, some of my fondest childhood memories involve pro wrestling. For example, I’d race my Huffy Sweet Thunder up the block every time I heard the distant jingle of the Mister Softee truck just to get my grubby hands on a WWF Superstars ice cream bar before they sold out.  (Somehow, I remember forever being stuck with the George “The Animal” Steele bar. Sigh!)

But, I digress…

This past Sunday, unbeknownst to the now-somewhat-adult me,  KidsFest 2010 took place downtown, and one of the highlights was…you guessed it…a real live pro wrestling demonstration!

The Championship Wrestling Association was grappling away right in the Haverhill Bank parking lot on Merrimack St! I could have met the new CWA Heavyweight Champion Corporal Gunz, “The Granite State Destroyer”! Unbelievable bummer!

Luckily, our friend A.A.S. on Flickr was there and caught a few choice shots of the action:

The six man tag team: a veritable pastiche of sick wrestling moves.

How about we zoom right in on the main event?

"He's robed in garments strictly for another age"

Considering how hot and muggy it was Sunday, I am uber impressed by how cool these guys look. And I’m not just talking about those sweet zebra-striped spandex, either. Rawr!

Hopefully these guys will make another appearance soon. Did anyone else catch the action? How was it?

This May Day: Come for the beer, stay for the schnitzel

April 29th, 2010 by

Photo by Hudson Valley Slim on Flickr

This Saturday, May 1, Haverhill Brewery is hosting its very first May Day celebration. (Hopefully you remembered to pick your lederhosen up from the dry cleaners after Octoberfest.)

Here are the details, straight from the TAP:

“Starting at 11:30 AM we’re going German for the day-all German-style ales and lagers on tap and cask, great traditional German food specials and playing new and classic German music! No admission, just come down and clink steins with the brewers and all your friends. Make sure to come down early as some of these beers will definitely run out!

German beers on tap:
Beerstand Berlinerweiss
Smoked Pilsner
Scapegoat Bock
Last Stop Lager
Friedrich’s Munich Dunkel

German beers on cask:
Vienna Lager
Biergarten Maibock

German food specials:
Bratwurst and Knockwurst
German Chocolate Cake”

It’s supposed to be a warm and sorta-sunny afternoon on Saturday, so good luck snagging a spot on the coveted deck. Check out the Facebook invite and see if there’s someone you can trick into saving you a seat!