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Stuff Haverhill Needs: A Supermarket

Saturday, April 17th, 2010 by

One of the reasons that Cosmic Amanda and I started this blog was because we both realized that Haverhill has a lot of potential – but it seems reluctant to make any significant growth.

I’ve only lived in the city for two weeks – but already the lack of a good supermarket has become a challenge.

Haverhill has THREE Market Baskets. Three. But not a single supermarket that sells edible produce.

Sure – I can go the Loop for Stop & Shop, Plaistow for Shaw’s, or stop at Whole Foods in Andover on my way home from work. But none of those options are really convenient when you just need a few items (trust me – don’t go to Plaistow).

When I’m driving home from work and realize that I need a cucumber for my Pimm’s Cup – I’m a little scared about stopping at MB and seeing what they have to offer.

On a recent trip to the store in Central Plaza, I found some green peppers:

I shouldn’t need to rub ProActiv on my peppers before I eat them.

(Strangely, while I was taking these pics – the green-jacketed produce department guy was dealing with a possibly-deranged woman complaining about the cost of peppers.)

I wouldn’t pay a penny for that peck of paltry peppers.

And, can someone please explain why EVERYTHING needs to be wrapped in plastic and styrofoam:

Bradford would be an ideal location for a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, and either section of town could easily support a Hannaford, Shaw’s (if the strike is over), or Stop & Shop.

Luckily, the Haverhill Farmer’s Market will be in action soon and then we can all get quality fruits and vegetables.

And my cocktails will no longer suffer from sub-par garnishes.

26 Responses to “Stuff Haverhill Needs: A Supermarket”

  1. Really? says:

    Wow. You’re kind of a snob.

  2. Really? says:

    And you’ve only lived in Haverhill for two weeks. Two weeks? Why don’t you and your Pimm’s move someplace else then? Then you can leave the writing to Cosmic A. She’s actually funny.

  3. Hey, thanks for thinking I’m funny. I have to say, in Cereffusion’s defense, wanting to be able to purchase quality food does not a snob make. There is very little of that available in the produce section of these stores. Plus, why is there only one type of supermarket in such a big city? It’s kinda weird.

    Totally with you on the Pimm’s though- where does he get off not getting crunk off box wine like the rest of us!?

  4. Cereffusion says:

    I’m drinking a Pimm’s in honour of these responses.

  5. Rich says:

    The Shaw’s in Plaistow is closing soon. They can’t compete with Market Basket.

  6. eisme says:

    I believe that picture is of what I lovingly refer to as the ghetto Market Basket. When I first moved to Haverhill, I went there to buy groceries…once. They had unrefrigerated yogurt on a card table (sale item that day) and a guy with a hook for a hand bagged my groceries. Eat your heart out Whole Foods!

  7. Where do you shop now?

  8. eric says:

    go back to plaistow chris! back to where you belong! and take your fresh produce with you.

  9. eisme says:

    Stop & Plop in Methuen, McKinnon’s in Salem NH, or Market Basket in Plaistow. I would kill to have a Whole Foods near us even though I’d probably have to get a second job to support my food habit.

  10. Danielle says:

    If you are forced to buy produce at a MB, you’re better off going to the one in Westgate Plaza. The one in Central is never a good idea.

  11. The one in Central does have the best people watching- I will give it that.

  12. Mike says:

    Cereffusion isn’t even a snob.

  13. Really? says:

    Anyone who insists that he needs better produce for his garnishes is a snob. Also, one who moves to a new town and immediately complains about the grocery store is a snob, or at least someone who is too lazy to do the research before they move. Nice to meet you. Now change! Also, his first post to this blog is a big complaint peppered with sub-par attempts at humor.

    Yes, Haverhill could use a supermarket with better produce, that I am not countering. But the message could be delivered in a non-condescending way.

    And Eisme, I’m sorry you were so offended by a man with a hand for a hook. I forgot that the disabled shouldn’t be allowed to have jobs. To the institution with you!

  14. Cereffusion says:

    Thank you for visiting the blog again. :)

  15. Cereffusion also delivered a great interview with Jeremy, the cheeseburger blogger, and a pretty good write-up about how I was featured on Shoecitystories.com, so this was not his first post. Clearly the tone of this particular post, has rubbed you the wrong way though, and for that Haverhill Fever sincerely apologizes.

  16. ksullivan82 says:

    Someone has a hand for a hook????

  17. Cereffusion says:

    Also, I’ve lived in Plaistow for the past four years. My backyard was literally Haverhill. I’m not a stranger who just moved here blindly.

  18. It's Firg says:

    I think “Really?” is just one of those people that likes to criticize on open forums. Go ahead and play devils advocate, but to get that offended from a post on a site like this…that’s sad.

    Also I agree with Danielle that Central Plaza is the worst. Try the Riverside one next time.

  19. Cereffusion says:

    I’m not offended. I just wanted to make it clear I didn’t fly in to Haverhill on my personal jet and just decided to live here among the plebians. I’m local.

  20. He’s right- he took his helicopter.

  21. Really? says:

    Firg – I rarely comment unless the *public* posting is especially interesting or, in this case, snotty. He should probably just have Cosmic A proofread his stuff so that, for example, it doesn’t seem like he’s lived here for two weeks.

    If you can’t take the heat then stay out of the kitchen, or, in this case, the internet.

  22. Danzilla says:

    Cereffusion, I think your post was quite amusing! I’ve found most Market Baskets have veggies that rats probably wouldn’t touch. Stop & Shop, though more expensive, usually carry fresher produce. Keep up the good blogging.

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