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Just a Cosmic Girl from the Shoe City Galaxy

Monday, April 12th, 2010 by

The Feeve’s own Cosmic Amanda was featured last night on the Shoe City Stories’ Haverhill-themed podcast.  Marc and Amanda Chit-Chat about the grittiness of downtown, the uselessness of Newburyport-envy, Jennie’s Inc., and the definition of hipster.

The ‘Blog Goddess’ also mentioned another ‘contributor’ to this blog but failed to mention a name.

It’s me! Chris!

And this is my first post.

Listen to the podcast!

5 Responses to “Just a Cosmic Girl from the Shoe City Galaxy”

  1. Allan says:


  2. anais says:

    you are SO a hipster, cereffusion.

  3. […] of the reasons that Cosmic A and I started this blog was because we both realized that Haverhill has a lot of potential – […]