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Newsflash: River’s Edge Farm has moved right next to the…what?

Sunday, April 18th, 2010 by

I just returned from an epic weekend at the Tromadance film festival in Asbury Park, NJ, which I lovingly dubbed “Haverhill-by-the-Shore.” (though admittedly they’re a bit further along in the transition.) I was greeted by this postcard:

Come for the mulch, stay for the llammmsS'ss.

Visit us by the llam’s? I’m assuming they mean llamas? I flipped the card over to double check and…d’oh!

Find us next to Lorenzo Lamas!

Said Jeremy the Cheeseburger guy, “They seem to be very possessive animals as well.”

But, all joking aside, I love these fine folks. While I’m bummed they moved from their Salem St. location, (since now I can’t brag that Bradford’s great ’cause I can walk a mile in one direction and be smack dab in the middle of downtown, or walk a mile in the opposite direction and hit this nice little farm stand)  I won’t hold it against them. They still have my yearly mulch order on lock.

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