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Haverhill Fever: now with 100% more yard sale coverage

Saturday, June 5th, 2010 by

Now, THIS is how we do yard sale signs in Boston!

Is it possible to beĀ  scooped by a blog that you’re not technically even in competition with?

Separated though we are by about 3,000 miles of pure, unadulterated (okay, maybe somewhat adulterated) America, Vic Wong from Mission Mission and I had pretty much the same exact idea at the same time: “let’s put an RSS feed of all the local yard sales posted on Craigslist so the bargain-loving folks who read my blog can stay hip to all the sweet deals.”

Yes, that’s right- if you look down to your right a bit, you’ll see Haverhill Fever’s handy-dandy new feature: an up-to-the-minute feed of our fair city’s yard sales.

Unfortunately, Vic is much more organized than we at Haverhill Fever will ever be, so not only did he beat me to the punch, but here I am, posting this enthralling news after all of this weekend’s yard sales have closed up shop for the night.

But, hey, think of this way. Now, you know where to go looking for free stuff by the side of the road! Plus now you have something to look forward to next week, as I’ll start updating you every Friday afternoon with some hot yard sale tips.

(Yoooooou’re welcome.)

One Response to “Haverhill Fever: now with 100% more yard sale coverage”

  1. vic says:

    Amanda, I steal so many ideas from your subconscious. Not gonna tell you how (it involves science, some pagan rituals) but let’s just say that’s how we keep Mission Mission on top of Haverhill Fever. Sorry, hon. You’re just going to move (back?) to SF.