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Half Nelson, full Nelson, Willie Nelson

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010 by

Okay, first, for an enhanced blog experience, go here and start this post-appropriate little ditty. Nice, huh? I thought so.

Having come of age during the height of Hulkamania, some of my fondest childhood memories involve pro wrestling. For example, I’d race my Huffy Sweet Thunder up the block every time I heard the distant jingle of the Mister Softee truck just to get my grubby hands on a WWF Superstars ice cream bar before they sold out.  (Somehow, I remember forever being stuck with the George “The Animal” Steele bar. Sigh!)

But, I digress…

This past Sunday, unbeknownst to the now-somewhat-adult me,  KidsFest 2010 took place downtown, and one of the highlights was…you guessed it…a real live pro wrestling demonstration!

The Championship Wrestling Association was grappling away right in the Haverhill Bank parking lot on Merrimack St! I could have met the new CWA Heavyweight Champion Corporal Gunz, “The Granite State Destroyer”! Unbelievable bummer!

Luckily, our friend A.A.S. on Flickr was there and caught a few choice shots of the action:

The six man tag team: a veritable pastiche of sick wrestling moves.

How about we zoom right in on the main event?

"He's robed in garments strictly for another age"

Considering how hot and muggy it was Sunday, I am uber impressed by how cool these guys look. And I’m not just talking about those sweet zebra-striped spandex, either. Rawr!

Hopefully these guys will make another appearance soon. Did anyone else catch the action? How was it?

3 Responses to “Half Nelson, full Nelson, Willie Nelson”

  1. kate says:

    I had a poster of Andre the Giant and rode a Huffy Sweet Style but either way a very immpesive representation : )

  2. It's Firg says:

    I loved those Ice Cream things too. Nothing like eating a picture of your favorite wrestler.

  3. Dave says:

    Juggalos unite!