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Downtown fill in the blank

Saturday, May 8th, 2010 by

Has anyone else noticed this prime spot up for lease on Washington St? Well, I did, and I justĀ  had to snap a few photos because this shop has super cute curb appeal and looks like it has a lot of potential inside for something great!

Cute downtown shop for rent! (sadly, I don't get commission for posting this)

And here’s a peek inside:

Interior of 15 Washington St. now available for lease

Insert your amazing ______ business here!

Previously, 15 Washington St. was the home of Leaf and Ladle (circa 2008), followed by Ava’s Salads and More, although when we peeked in the windows it looked like it may have been a bakery even more recently than that.

So, I’m thinking maybe another food-centric business at this location isn’t such a hot idea. And no offense, Haverhill, but I think we have enough hair salons and barber shops. So, what to put in there?

I’d kill for a cool vintage clothing store like Modern Millie in Salem and Newburyport. Or maybe some sort of home decor/gadget shop where I could run to and grab a nice gift in a pinch. Wine shop? Yarn store? Another coffee shop? Art house movie theatre? (not sure how big that second room is) Why, the possibilities are endless!

What do you wish would move in?

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