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Haverhill by numbers

Thursday, May 6th, 2010 by

Haverhill has its own establishment naming convention blossoming downtown. That is, there seems to be a higher concentration of businesses named after the service they offer plus the address of their location than anywhere else I’ve ever visited. Here are a few examples:

Salon at 13 Wingate St.

Keon's- at 105 Washington St.

Lounge 59 - 59 Washington St.

And this revelation led me to wander around for a couple hours just looking for really cool numbers.

Haverhill TV and Appliance

Makeshift 44 - Merrimack St.

1st floor, municipal parking garage

Downtown Haverhill Pro Tip:  If you’re ever on the Merrimack St. end of downtown and feel a deuce coming on, there’s a very special place you can go…

Number 2: both literally and figuratively

Conversely, If you ever want to be sure your visit downtown does NOT include having to look at piles of human excrement (and I won’t even get into the tighty-formerly-whities we found) you’re best to avoid the rear right stairwell in the parking garage.

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