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Merrimack Valley Nerd Alert!

May 3rd, 2010 by

I was checking out the music section at Target this evening, when I came across this: some poor high school nerd left his pre-calculus flash cards behind!

Don't question the General Power Rule.

How do I know they belong to a nerd? Look where they ended up…on the sweetest keyboard in all of Target. You tell me this kid didn’t feast his eyes on this glossy-keyed beauty and immediately set down the cards, inwardly gasp and push in his glasses, then get completely lost in some sweet John Tesh fantasy.

So, what was I doing in the keyboard section at Target? Er, I was, uhhhhh, picking up blank cds for my weekly college radio show. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Apartment for Rent

April 24th, 2010 by

Angelo the Florist, Winter Street

I hear that Wish Bear is a very fair landlord.

Stuff Haverhill Needs: A Supermarket

April 17th, 2010 by

One of the reasons that Cosmic Amanda and I started this blog was because we both realized that Haverhill has a lot of potential – but it seems reluctant to make any significant growth.

I’ve only lived in the city for two weeks – but already the lack of a good supermarket has become a challenge.

Haverhill has THREE Market Baskets. Three. But not a single supermarket that sells edible produce.

Sure – I can go the Loop for Stop & Shop, Plaistow for Shaw’s, or stop at Whole Foods in Andover on my way home from work. But none of those options are really convenient when you just need a few items (trust me – don’t go to Plaistow).

When I’m driving home from work and realize that I need a cucumber for my Pimm’s Cup – I’m a little scared about stopping at MB and seeing what they have to offer.

On a recent trip to the store in Central Plaza, I found some green peppers:

I shouldn’t need to rub ProActiv on my peppers before I eat them.

(Strangely, while I was taking these pics – the green-jacketed produce department guy was dealing with a possibly-deranged woman complaining about the cost of peppers.)

I wouldn’t pay a penny for that peck of paltry peppers.

And, can someone please explain why EVERYTHING needs to be wrapped in plastic and styrofoam:

Bradford would be an ideal location for a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, and either section of town could easily support a Hannaford, Shaw’s (if the strike is over), or Stop & Shop.

Luckily, the Haverhill Farmer’s Market will be in action soon and then we can all get quality fruits and vegetables.

And my cocktails will no longer suffer from sub-par garnishes.

Welfare Records: Rocking on River St.

April 16th, 2010 by

Okay, I’ll admit it- I still call music shops “record stores.” But really, when was the last time you saw more than a handful of vinyl for sale anywhere?

Today’s record stores are few and far between, but Haverhill is lucky enough to be home of one of the best around. So, in honor of National Record Store Day tomorrow, we thought we should show you around Welfare Records, located at 58 River St.

Welfare Records

Welfare Records, 58 River St. Haverhill, MA

Not a ton of light makes it in through the windows, most of which are postered over or full of merchandise, but that’s perfect. You WANT to get sealed off from the rest of the world in a place like this. All sense of time and space is irrelevant when you’re getting lost in the bins.

I stepped inside and was immediately whisked back to my early college radio days. I found an old Beat Happening EP and actually hugged it. (then paid for and made off with it- sorry!)

Inside Welfare Records

Inside Welfare Records

If you’re of the punk persuasion, hanker for a hunka hardcore, or are ridin’ the new wave, there’s plenty here to keep you occupied.  Worried you’ll never be able to sufficiently browse with your favorite mopey indie rocker in tow? NO problem- there’s a respectable little indie section, too, as well as jazz, disco, rock and Oi!

My favorite section? One I have never seen in any other record store. One that only needs to be seen to be believed. I give you…THE ODD STUFF SECTION.

Odd Stuff!

I don’t want to give too much away here…you’ll have to come and see for yourself. In the meantime, take in the tantalizing subcategories and know that there’s something for everyone.

And hey, all you hardcore fans should be sure to stop by tomorrow, National Record Store Day, and grab one of 75 limited edition recordings of Fucked Up, taped on reel to reel, live in Toronto. 14 tracks for only 15 bucks.

Welfare Records is open Noon – 8pm everyday, and there’s also an online shop and a MySpace page, so there’s no excuse not to check ’em out!

(If, god forbid, you don’t have a record player, they do sell a few cds and tapes, too.)

Sunday Shoppin’: Jennie’s Inc.

March 28th, 2010 by

Conveniently located next to Haverhill’s foremost bepper emporium, Jennie’s Inc. unassumingly occupies 133 Merrimack St., its humble exterior barely hinting at its interior largess-  which is, like, absolute junk store heaven.

Jennie's Inc.

As I once Yelped, the selection of amazing finds at mind bogglingly low prices is so vast, you’ll think you were flattened by a be-spoilered*  Civic on your way over from the Salvation Army. I never thought I’d survive another long, cold, flea market-less winter until I stepped foot inside this awesome co-op.

Let’s take a look at just a few of the delightful bargains we encountered this afternoon, shall we?

Scotty needs love, too!
Nerd smut!

Old dude bag- $2.95
Possibly unintentional political satire!

Hipster watermelon piñata!

We also found something labeled “imagination stick” for only $2.00.  I’ll let you draw your own (no-doubt more tawdry) conclusions there.

FIRST HAVERHILL FEVER CONTEST: Find, purchase, and photograph the aforementioned object and you will win a Haverhill Fever t-shirt!**

Today, I scored an antique schoolhouse chair ($6.00), a portrait of the 8th grade class of Pratville, circa 1908 ($5.00), and a vintage Royal Japan sailor decanter (Listed for $40 on eBay) for, um hello, only $3.00!

If you’re a lover of antiques, weird stuff, or simply dig a good rummage, be sure to check out Jennie’s Inc. at 133 Merrimack St.  in Haverhill.

Just please leave some bargains for me, okay?

Souvenir of Haverhill, Mass.

* totally made up word which means “to which an aftermarket spoiler has been affixed”

* *Haverhill Fever t-shirts do not actually exist.