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Sunday Shoppin’: Jennie’s Inc.

Sunday, March 28th, 2010 by

Conveniently located next to Haverhill’s foremost bepper emporium, Jennie’s Inc. unassumingly occupies 133 Merrimack St., its humble exterior barely hinting at its interior largess-  which is, like, absolute junk store heaven.

Jennie's Inc.

As I once Yelped, the selection of amazing finds at mind bogglingly low prices is so vast, you’ll think you were flattened by a be-spoilered*  Civic on your way over from the Salvation Army. I never thought I’d survive another long, cold, flea market-less winter until I stepped foot inside this awesome co-op.

Let’s take a look at just a few of the delightful bargains we encountered this afternoon, shall we?

Scotty needs love, too!
Nerd smut!

Old dude bag- $2.95
Possibly unintentional political satire!

Hipster watermelon piñata!

We also found something labeled “imagination stick” for only $2.00.  I’ll let you draw your own (no-doubt more tawdry) conclusions there.

FIRST HAVERHILL FEVER CONTEST: Find, purchase, and photograph the aforementioned object and you will win a Haverhill Fever t-shirt!**

Today, I scored an antique schoolhouse chair ($6.00), a portrait of the 8th grade class of Pratville, circa 1908 ($5.00), and a vintage Royal Japan sailor decanter (Listed for $40 on eBay) for, um hello, only $3.00!

If you’re a lover of antiques, weird stuff, or simply dig a good rummage, be sure to check out Jennie’s Inc. at 133 Merrimack St.  in Haverhill.

Just please leave some bargains for me, okay?

Souvenir of Haverhill, Mass.

* totally made up word which means “to which an aftermarket spoiler has been affixed”

* *Haverhill Fever t-shirts do not actually exist.

7 Responses to “Sunday Shoppin’: Jennie’s Inc.”

  1. Allan says:


  2. Cosmic Amanda says:


    (and Haverhill Fever shirts probably will happen, but maybe it’s a bit egotistical to make them after, what, FOUR posts?)

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  6. Kit Keller says:

    Saw your pedestrian turn signals via America Walks’ link to an article on Streetsblog. These seem like a must have for a pedestrian professional! Would you be willing to ship them to me in Wisconsin? I promise to make amazing use of them at several upcoming pedestrian summits. We all need a little fun midst the serious work of creating more walkable communities! Please email me with details. Thanks!!

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