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Business Watch: Downtown Haverhill Subway Opens

Thursday, January 13th, 2011 by

This morning I got a hot tip that the downtown Haverhill Subway was FINALLY set to open for the first time today. (For months people have been asking me for the details on when this might go down.) The news came  just as my stomach growled- plus, considering what it looked like before I was dying to see what they did with the space- so I headed down around lunchtime to see if the rumors were true.

Downtown Haverhill's new Subway

Rumor confirmed! The open sign was lit up and there was already a crowd inside…and as I shuffled up the snowy sidewalk I realized it was composed of the mayor, the franchise owners, and some chamber of commerce officials, along with a giant pair of scissors and some ribbon. Apparently I’d  REALLY stumbled upon the opening! I was beckoned inside, and got the first unofficial photo of the ribbon cutting ceremony:

You know your blog has made it when you get to witness a ribbon cutting ceremony.

(SHOCKING REVELATION: Haverhill’s ceremonial scissors don’t actually cut anything- they’re just for show!)

A Subway Is Born:

Now, I haven’t been inside an eat-in Subway in a while, but I must say, compared to the old newspaper themed interiors I’ve seen this one looks pretty swanky. There are a few tables in the storefront windows, and a larger dining area in what used to be the back room before when it was a cupcake shop.

The irony of the faux brick wallpaper is not lost on me.

Also, I think the franchise owners have a real talent for hiring the right people. I visit their Bradford store occasionally and the woman  working behind the counter always compliments me on my habit of totally piling on the veggies, so I wind up walking away feeling like a total winner, as opposed to someone who’s too lazy to make my own damn sandwich. The people working this new store seemed super friendly too. (though they did have all the bigwigs watching)

After all that pomp and circumstance, I managed to be the second person in line to buy a sub. So, all in all a fun little lunchventure full of excitement and ceremony, and extra pickles.

4 Responses to “Business Watch: Downtown Haverhill Subway Opens”

  1. Rich Rosa says:

    Finally, @HaverhillMA can stop asking on Twitter when the Subway will open. :)

  2. Ha ha when I told him he was like “what? I missed it!?”

  3. Mitch says:

    I really enjoyed reading this–especially as a former resident of Haverhill who has lived out here in Central Mass. since graduating from college! Hoping to figure out how I can add a link to it on my website!

  4. It's Firg... says:

    Hey now! I finally did go yesterday. It was everything I hoped for.