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Snow Madness

Monday, January 17th, 2011 by

New downtown Haverhill resident and recent discoverer of this blog Matt Hunt wanted us to know that Becca wasn’t the only person traipsing around in the snow during the last storm. He sent in a few more great shots of downtown…just when you finally started to feel your toes again.

Digging out cars downtown

Looking at this photo, I realized I’d never noticed how beautifully detailed the Mizan salon building’s architecture is. Holy cow! I wonder who lives on those upper floors…

Look at the detail on this building!

And finally, this one looks like a glimpse into our future, so get ready to flex your shoveling and scraping muscles again as a mix of snow and ice is heading right for us tomorrow evening.

Um, is it springtime yet? This shizz is nasty.

There’s a few more nice shots in Matt’s Facebook album. Thanks, Matt. And welcome to Haverhill!

3 Responses to “Snow Madness”

  1. Ad'm says:

    i used to live in the mizan building from ’99-’06. wonderful memories… mid-00’s were a great time for wingate street. paul prue’s stained glass studio was where mizan is now. the origami shop was across the street, margot’s gallery was one building down. super bohemian vibe going on then…

  2. I hope it’s coming back! It seems the people who are there now are pretty committed to keeping art on Wingate.