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Greetings From Snowmaggedon

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011 by

Dang! That turned out to be a bona fide as-promised blizzard today. And just like the last storm, I found myself nestled in a cocoon of blankets rather than running around in the snow like a good little blogger.

So, who better to take us on a tour of downtown Haverhill during a break in today’s storm than friend of the Feeve, Becca Fowler? She willingly braved the elements to show us the Shoe City’s snowpocalyptic aftermath.

Not only brave, but ever-so-stylish.

I have to say, if you’re considering moving into one of Haverhill’s many hip new renovated loft buildings, days like this kind of seal the deal. Slap on some snowshoes, stomp around town, and let those condo fees finally pay you back in the form of someone else doing all the snow removal. (Meanwhile, over in Bradford, we can expect our day/evening/night to look like this.)

The city of Haverhill, clearing the way.

Becca made her way down Locust St. heading towards Washington to do a quick survey of what businesses were open. (Answer: not many…but Hans Garden owner Tony drove all the way from Chinatown to serve his customers!)

During her adventure in the snow, she encountered one of Haverhill’s snow residents enjoying the weather…

I don't appreciate this snowman's smugness.

As well as some other downtown residents taking it to the streets all bundled up.

A couple more hearty New Englanders out in the snow.

Down by the river, Becca noted the city did a great job of clearing the parking lot and the river walk…

Really pretty view of the train bridge.

But nobody thought to shovel out the alleyway adjacent to the Tap.


By late afternoon the wind whipped up and the snow started blowing around again, and it was time to retreat back to the loft.

Essex St.

But not before having a little shoe-la-bration of one alongside the Soles of Haverhill shoe currently hanging out in Columbus Park, no doubt placed there to make us forget that this was the recent scene of a gruesome Gingerbreadicide. Nice try, Haverhill! I’m onto you!

Who doesn't love a good photo with a giant shoe?

Well, that concludes our tour today. Thanks for taking us around downtown, Becca. You really have Bob a run for his money today!

2 Responses to “Greetings From Snowmaggedon”

  1. zen says:

    I heard a new witticism/analogy on a friends blog the other day referring to the copious snowfall – “Blanco Muerto” (white death).

  2. Love it! I’ll add that one to the reserves as I’m sure this won’t be the last giant snowstorm of 2011.