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Not a newsflash: Tacos Lupita is amazing.

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010 by

I’ve been doing a lot of important research for the blog these days, in the form of wandering down to Tacos Lupita and completely demolishing a chicken burrito in the most unlady-like manner possible. (Short of lying down on the counter and having them ladle the ingredients directly into my mouth. Can’t say I haven’t daydreamed, though.)

Tacos Lupita, 194 River St. Haverhill

I figured eventually, I’d have some sort of epiphany while stuffing my face, and be able to encapsulate the Tacos Lupita experience in a way that had never been done before.

I mean, what can I really say about this place that hasn’t already been Yelped or blogged? Best burritos this side of San Francisco? Said. Inexpensive, fresh, and delicious? Stated. Holy cow, there’s a party in my mouth and everyone’s putting their keys in a bowl? Exclaimed. (Okay, maybe that last one is an Amanda original, but don’t tell me you haven’t thought it.)

There’s simply no way I can  express in words the downright ambrosial experience of biting into a Tacos Lupita burrito that at this point wouldn’t seem totally cliché.

So instead, here’s an animated gif:


(PS- can we all chip in and throw a few more five star reviews Tacos Lupita‘s way? I can’t believe they only get four just because this guy prefers Chipotle’s.  Laaaame.)

12 Responses to “Not a newsflash: Tacos Lupita is amazing.”

  1. Cereffusion says:

    I’ll tell you where they DON’T buy their vegetables.

  2. Danzilla says:

    Hey Amanda, I drive through Haverhill almost every weekend on adventures with my girlfriend. I honk whenever I drive by your house. I had no idea such tasty looking burritos existed in your town, I’m def gonna stop by there next time I’m in your area.

  3. It's Firg says:

    Haha that gif is cracking me up. I feel like it belongs on an adult site…and not with a burrito. Maybe its just me.

  4. It's Firg says:

    Also, Tacos Lupita is amazing.

  5. Not gonna lie, Firg, my mind went there, too. We sat there and hurried it up and slowed it down trying to find the least pornographic speed. The things I do all in the name of blogging!

  6. Cereffusion says:

    If they were open till 1am on Fri/Sat that would be awesome.

  7. We all need to start eating at least 3 burritos/tacos/gorditas/quesadillas a month (I’ve already hit my quota) to increase traffic and make it necessary to stay open late to accomodate us all!

  8. Erin says:


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