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Breakfast of Champions: Village Square

June 21st, 2010 by

Okay, sure- if you want to be bowled over with weekend brunch options, downtown Haverhill leaves a lot to be desired. The Bistro 45 Jazz Brunch is defunct, and despite posters in the elevator to the contrary, I have yet to see solid evidence of a regular brunch offering at George’s.

But, don’t lose hope, hungry Haverhillians, for right over the bridge on Bradford’s Main St. there’s Village Square, a family run greasy spoon that boasts some of the best breakfast for miles.

I’m not going to lie- the exterior is um, shall we say, not very appetizing. But, Village Square’s teal blue façade and modest decor is more than compensated for by its friendly waitstaff, bottomless coffees, and heaping plates of whatever breakfast food your heart desires- whether it be pancakes, french toast, S.O.S. (tee hee hee) or even a breakfast burrito. (though the latter is not my favorite- I prefer the eggs and home fries inside like they do out west.)

The fare is so note-worthy that whenever our friends from Denver visit, they insist we hit the Square and pig the you-know-what out. Check out this photo I snapped pre-devour: my breakfast and the one across the table seem poised for an early morning throw down…

Breakfast Battle Royale: The Rumble in the Tummy

“Innn this corner, practically enveloping the plate is the meatloaf breakfast! Featuring two over-easy eggs, half-n-half (meaning half baked beans, half home fries). Annnnnnd in the other corner we have the featherweight breakfast champion- a mushroom and swiss omelet made with egg whites, served with wheat toast and baked beans…”

Here are a few snaps of our other orders, though not pictured are the must-try homemade grilled cornbread and grilled blueberry muffins. (Anyone who can down one of those bad boys is a hero in my book.)

Nothing escapes the grill- even the croissants are toasted in delicious griddle grease.

French toast with bacon and check out that big mound of butter!

Whether you’re nursing a hangover, or just need a hearty morning meal to fuel a busy day, you can’t go wrong at Village Square, though on weekend mornings you may find yourself at the end of a sizable line. (toootally worth it, though.)

I’m still a bit hung up on lack of fancy brunch, but some baked beans and a raised pinky get me by.

Poor Wittle Puddy Tat

June 18th, 2010 by

This little sweetie is posted in the Haverhill Gazette under “Pet of the Week.”

The caption reads, “Nubbin, caught for a week in a leg-hold trap like the one pictured with him, was rescued and rehabilitated by Animal Rescue Merrimack Valley in Bradford. The lucky cat is getting around fine on three legs and will be released for adoption soon. For more information about him, visit armv.org or e-mail adoptions@armv.org.”

Did they really need a leg trap prop? I guess it’s better than a dirty cat box prop. And what’s with the name Nubbin? That’s just messed up. Whatever, I hope he finds a home.

In case you were wondering where he be:

Animal Rescue
Merrimack Valley
PO Box 8006
Bradford , MA 01835

Yahd Sale Report: 6/12- 6/13

June 11th, 2010 by

Salem St. near the turn for Ski Bradford

The weather reports are iffy, but these yard sales going on this weekend sure sound pretty solid!

PARSONAGE HILL ROAD, HANNAH RIDGE, DOW DRIVE Saturday 8:00am – 2:00pm for what sounds like an epic multi-family sale, with 10 families

159 EAST BROADWAY: Saturday 9:00am – 1:00pm for clothes, books, jewerly, kitchen appliances, small pieces of furniture, comforters, etc.

SALEM ST: I snapped the above photo while driving down Salem St. this afternoon. Haven’t seen a listing for this one yet, but it looks promising. Also, further down over the Groveland line there’s a white house for sale with about six plastic covered folding tables set out.

If you have a hot tip on a cool yard sale, email us and we’ll be sure to update this post.

Happy bargaining!

Hot in herre: Firemen Singles Party at Evenfall

June 9th, 2010 by

From the sound of it, things are really heating up over at Evenfall, where as we speak UNWEDnesdays is hosting a Firemen Singles Party. We couldn’t be there ourselves tonight, so we sent our stealth photographer (cough Spiro cough) to get a few snaps of the action.

Firemen and the ladies who love them gathering at Evenfall's lounge.

Reports of some serious sizzle are not surprising, given the dark, romantic vibe of Evenfall’s lounge. Not to mention,  ladies love a man in uniform, and what lovelorn man in uniform wouldn’t appreciate a room full of admiring ladies? Put all of these factors together and you have a towering inferno of brilliance.

Hot fireman sandwich: New bar bite?

Also, a tip of the hat to the person who wrote this amazing copy promoting the event:

A game of shoots and ladders takes on a whole new meaning at the second of our Fireman Singles Parties…lavishing attention on the area’s bravest men ain’t so hard with a dance beat, complimentary appetizers, sponsorship by Bacardi and a chance to hit the town on us with your favorite man in uniform.

As great food + inspired cocktails + dance music + buff guys = recipe for success, I have no doubt Spiro and the gang will be fanning the flames of love for these smitten kittens again soon. So put $10 under your pillow and get ready to mark your calendars. We’ll update you when the next Firemen Singles Party comes to town.

Hearts afire?

Curb Alert: One Awesome Gaming Glider

June 8th, 2010 by

I really struggled with what my 1st topic should be. I filled my notebooks with ideas, and yet they all seemed so lackluster. As if someone heard my prayers, I came home to a wonderful gift.

Across from my house In the middle of my street sat this magnificent beauty propped up against a rock. How did it end up here, I wonder? I must have done something really wonderful to have been bestowed such a priceless heirloom.

Though I feel blessed, I can’t stop thinking about the misfortunate darling who lost this rare gem; and what an artist! I could be wrong, but I think this same talent has so nicely left similar works of art on all the signs in my neighborhood. What a giver!

As much as I would love to display this masterpiece in my foyer, my family and I are not up to date on our tetanus and rabies shots. I will hate to see it go, but sharing is caring.

If you would like to own this luxury item or know the poor gamer who must be longing for it, it will be in the middle of Main Street Haverhill propped up on a rock at dusk tonight.

Just remember: the early bird gets the worm!

The College of Cthulu

May 22nd, 2010 by

Haverhill’s greatest academic claim to fame may just be fiction.

World-renowned scary story writer H.P. Lovecraft apparently based his imaginary campus, Miskatonic University, on the now-defunct but still-lovely Bradford College.

No more pencils, no more books

If you wanted to attend Bradford College – it’s too late – but fortunately, for those of you interested in occult-like-things, MU is still taking applications.

And for residents who live on that side of the river – if you hear some scary sounds late at night, don’t worry, it’s just Cthulu coming to get you.

And he's hungry.

In honor of our fictional institution of higher learning – I hearby petition to change the mascot of Haverhill High to The Fighting Cephalopods.

Because that would be awesome.

Go Pods go!

Haverhill Got a Little Less Comfort-able

May 2nd, 2010 by

Famous chickens everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief.

‘David’s Famous Chicken Pies’ has apparently shut it’s door after seven years. My wife and I are vegetarians but we were intrigued by the flyer advertising baked mac & cheese, mashed sweet potato, fried ravioli, and all sorts of delicious comfort food sides.

So, on Saturday we head over the bridge to Bradford only to be confronted by:

South Pleasant Street, Bradford


You're going to need some Goo Gone to get that yellow off.

I called the contact number from their still-functional but Flash-only website and was told by an automated message that they have closed the retail end of their business to focus on the wholesale side.

No chicken pie for you!

Cure for a case of the Mondays: Evenfall

April 26th, 2010 by

Monday is a pretty tough day of the week to be a hungry Haverillian. No Tacos Lupita. No Tap. Sigh.

Okay, look, I promised myself I’d stop “reviewing” Haverhill’s restaurants in such rapid succession because all of this gluttony is going to spoil my girlish figure. (especially considering I only believe in two forms of exercise- dog walks and dance parties)

But Evenfall‘s systematic tweeting about its “Monday night bar bites” special has made me hyper-aware of its existence, so when a friend suggested dinner, we headed straight down 125 to take a bite of destiny.

First off, am I the only one who immediately starts Pearl Jammin’ in my mind every time I think of this place? “oOooh, Evenfall…bread arrives, it’s butter-y. Mmmm.” (Okay, maybe it’s just me.)

Moving along, the atmosphere in the lounge is great. Seats at the bar, a few high tops, and several clusters of comfy chairs/couches.

Photo yoinked from the Evenfall Web site.

This was actually my first foray into the lounge, so forgive me if this is old news, but I’m kind of a fan of the big eyed lady paintings, especially the large “fly-eye view”  on the wall opposite the bar. I’m also predisposed to like anyplace that serves Hendrick’s Gin and can we talk about the soundtrack they have going on for a second? Buena Vista Social Club to Matisyahu to Bjork to a classical guitar rendition of Stairway to Heaven. Whaaaat?

Burger bar bites (3rd one de-tomatoed by Mr. Cosmic)

Spiro is a genius for going with the bar bites concept, because as tasty as they were (and only $1!  Plus your first is free if you check in on foursquare!) they’ll only leave you wanting more. We quickly moved on to the main event. My friend got the mozzarella and tomato panini, and that looked great. I had the Maine crab salad, which is accompanied by a nice mix of greens, crisp asparagus, and radishes. The short ribs are pure fall-off-the-bone deliciousness, so I made my husband share one of his with me…

*If yours actually resembles this, consult your doctor.

Okay, TOTALLY didn’t mean to do that, but then we got the giggles and I had to take a photo.

Luckily, Evenfall doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously, either, so I’m pretty sure we’re not barred from stopping by again next Monday. (Right, guys?)

Brilliant Bradford vs. Hueful Haverhill

April 25th, 2010 by

It’s time I gave my home base of Bradford a little love.  Sure, sure, we’re officially “a former town,” and now exist only as a neighborhood within greater Haverhill. But, we still cling to our small town dreams, even managing to hold on to our very own zip code and exit off of 495.

Bradford is the sleepier, suburban side of Haverhill.  I love the mix of cozy bungalows, farm houses, and victorian homes (often on the same street), and the fact that a few streets still retain the old fashioned street lamps.

I moved here with my husband so we could have a house with a yard and a dog that we could walk through a quiet neighborhood, and happily, it’s mission accomplished. Yesterday the weather was so nice we spent most of the day enjoying all three of those things, and I brought along my camera to document some of  the colorful things we encountered along the way.

Close-up of some purple porch pansies.

Bucket of tulips: no witty caption required.

Then I rounded the corner and, Oh, wow! It looks like one of THE SHOES has retired to my neighborhood! Pretty cool, and definitely colorful. I wonder what it’s doing hanging out in Bradford next to a pile of trash?

City ordinance: all giant fiberglass shoe waste must be taken to Primrose St.

And just so the downtown won’t get jealous, here are a few more urban colorful spots we’ve encountered on our weekend walks.

Um, aren't you going to tag "excuse me?"

King Newman

Haverhill Rainbow

I’m really digging this rainbow, affixed to the wall along the river behind Merrimack St. Those are some pretty groovy clouds. What do you suppose is at the other end?

Newsflash: River’s Edge Farm has moved right next to the…what?

April 18th, 2010 by

I just returned from an epic weekend at the Tromadance film festival in Asbury Park, NJ, which I lovingly dubbed “Haverhill-by-the-Shore.” (though admittedly they’re a bit further along in the transition.) I was greeted by this postcard:

Come for the mulch, stay for the llammmsS'ss.

Visit us by the llam’s? I’m assuming they mean llamas? I flipped the card over to double check and…d’oh!

Find us next to Lorenzo Lamas!

Said Jeremy the Cheeseburger guy, “They seem to be very possessive animals as well.”

But, all joking aside, I love these fine folks. While I’m bummed they moved from their Salem St. location, (since now I can’t brag that Bradford’s great ’cause I can walk a mile in one direction and be smack dab in the middle of downtown, or walk a mile in the opposite direction and hit this nice little farm stand)  I won’t hold it against them. They still have my yearly mulch order on lock.