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Breakfast of Champions: Village Square

Monday, June 21st, 2010 by

Okay, sure- if you want to be bowled over with weekend brunch options, downtown Haverhill leaves a lot to be desired. The Bistro 45 Jazz Brunch is defunct, and despite posters in the elevator to the contrary, I have yet to see solid evidence of a regular brunch offering at George’s.

But, don’t lose hope, hungry Haverhillians, for right over the bridge on Bradford’s Main St. there’s Village Square, a family run greasy spoon that boasts some of the best breakfast for miles.

I’m not going to lie- the exterior is um, shall we say, not very appetizing. But, Village Square’s teal blue fa├žade and modest decor is more than compensated for by its friendly waitstaff, bottomless coffees, and heaping plates of whatever breakfast food your heart desires- whether it be pancakes, french toast, S.O.S. (tee hee hee) or even a breakfast burrito. (though the latter is not my favorite- I prefer the eggs and home fries inside like they do out west.)

The fare is so note-worthy that whenever our friends from Denver visit, they insist we hit the Square and pig the you-know-what out. Check out this photo I snapped pre-devour: my breakfast and the one across the table seem poised for an early morning throw down…

Breakfast Battle Royale: The Rumble in the Tummy

“Innn this corner, practically enveloping the plate is the meatloaf breakfast! Featuring two over-easy eggs, half-n-half (meaning half baked beans, half home fries). Annnnnnd in the other corner we have the featherweight breakfast champion- a mushroom and swiss omelet made with egg whites, served with wheat toast and baked beans…”

Here are a few snaps of our other orders, though not pictured are the must-try homemade grilled cornbread and grilled blueberry muffins. (Anyone who can down one of those bad boys is a hero in my book.)

Nothing escapes the grill- even the croissants are toasted in delicious griddle grease.

French toast with bacon and check out that big mound of butter!

Whether you’re nursing a hangover, or just need a hearty morning meal to fuel a busy day, you can’t go wrong at Village Square, though on weekend mornings you may find yourself at the end of a sizable line. (toootally worth it, though.)

I’m still a bit hung up on lack of fancy brunch, but some baked beans and a raised pinky get me by.

2 Responses to “Breakfast of Champions: Village Square”

  1. Bob says:

    This place has great breakfasts! Chipped beef (S.O.S.) on cornbread, Steak Bomb Omelet, and Ruben omelet are some favs!!

  2. Linsay says:

    You’ll have to try Mark’s Deli for breakfast! It’s a small diner under the train bridge. Family run and delicious breakfast (and I’m also a waitress there so I can attest to the fact that we’re always having fun)