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Our natural resources: Little River bicycle deposits

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010 by

Now that the floods of springtime have subsided, (Bradford basements, rejoice!) Little River is not much more than a trickle below the bridge on Winter St. The recent dry spell has revealed a riverbed littered with a vast array of (oddly enough) bicycles!

I counted the tires and freewheels of at least five different bikes down there, and even spotted a whole Razor scooter submerged at the river’s deepest spot. Some of them looked almost like Jurassic fossils the way their bare bones jutted out of the muck.

I know it’s a bit late for Earth Day, but is anyone out there willing to slap on some waders and fish this junk out of the water? If so, I’d be happy to help!

7 Responses to “Our natural resources: Little River bicycle deposits”

  1. Danielle says:

    There are people that go through the Merrimack River and pull the junk out of there.


  2. Thanks! I’ll contact them and see if they’d be interested in having a cleaning day at Little River.

  3. I would love to help clean up Little River, and I could probably get some other folks involved too. I am one of the pastors of The Vine, a community of faith in Haverhill, and we are all about finding ways to bless the city. We would love to get involved with this clean up and any other ways that we can help make Haverhill a better place to live.

  4. That’s awesome, Matt! I emailed the Clean River Project to see if they can help. (or maybe they’ll have some suggestions of how to organize things) I’ll let you know what I find out!

  5. Nice. Feel free to send me an email at mgoode23@gmail.com. I am much better at checking that than I am my Vine email.

  6. Gregga says:

    I have lived very close to little river for about ten years now and being an avid angler I decided to finally fish this river today. Alls I can say is that it’s very sad this river has gone to shit from what I witnessed. This could someday make a nice place to canoe and/or kajak. As strange as it seems there is (it seems) fish in there. I caught a couple small bass and pickerel. a lot of the river does run along the train tracks and there is a whole mess of trees fallen and lying over the river making it hard to get by. The city of Haverhill doesn’t seem to give a rats ass about this river. I don’t get it. Wish there’s something I could do. Just my 2. Gregg

  7. Little River Monsters says:

    This river has so much potential. However, this is of course Haverhill, and they could give sh*&s about anything that has to do with environmental conservation. Anyway, here is actually some great trout fishing in here. I wish there was a way to clear the fallen trees in the river and clean up the trash and at least make a clear, clean fishable/enjoyable stretch of river. Many other communities in western/central Mass have done this and now have a thriving trout fishery that attracts hundreds of anglers and city visitors. This could mean a small increase in economic growth. Anything to help in that field should spark someone’s interest in city hall. Oh well, wishful thinking i guess.