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The Scoop on England’s

Monday, May 24th, 2010 by

Ice cream is one of those rare things in life. It is universally adored – and a simple scoop can brighten anyone’s day.

Also, when your little league team wins the coach is supposed to buy everyone some.

If you live anywhere near Haverhill then no doubt you’ve tried some of the delicious concoctions offered up at England’s MicroCreamery right in the heart of downtown. So we put together a set of questions for owner Jane England so we could we learn the secrets behind the deliciousness.

109 Washington Street

HF: First off – the important stuff. What is your favorite ice cream topping?

EM: Chocolate Jimmies – our Jimmies are made from real chocolate and they melt on your tongue (yes, in Massachusetts we call them “Jimmies”, not “sprinkles”).
Side Note: Believe it or not, I am actually a purist – I prefer our ice cream without any excessive mixins that may mask the quality flavor of the ice cream, but if I HAD to pick my favorite topping, it would indeed be the Jimmies.)

HF: Tell us a bit about how the company got started – what’s your story?

EM: My husband (then boyfriend) bought me my very first ice cream maker for my 18th birthday.  The rest is history.

HF: What’s your best-selling flavor of ice cream?

EM: Vanilla.  Even with the extensive offerings that we have available, the all time best selling ice cream flavor is always vanilla.  I tend to think vanilla is so popular because it is so easily accented by any number of our mix-ins.  For example, even your basic Chocolate Chip ice cream begins with a base of vanilla ice cream.
HF: What’s the biggest amount of ice cream you’ve ever seen someone eat in one sitting?

EM: We actually had a couple of teenagers purchase a Mile High Ice Cream Pie (over 3 lbs of ice cream) and they grabbed two spoons and proceeded to eat the whole pie right here in the shop.

HF: How many kinds of ice cream do you offer at one time? Do you you have a rotation or a set line-up?

EM: We currently have 20 flavors of ice cream on the menu, not including the ice cream and mix-in combination possibilities.  We are constantly rotating flavors with the seasons.  In the summer months you can expect to see a lot of our fruit flavors: cantaloupe, cherry, blueberry, strawberry, banana, black raspberry, mango sorbet, margarita sorbet, coconut, etc.  In September we have Apple Ice Cream and Caramel Ice Cream, October: Pumpkin Ice Cream, November: Cranberry Ice Cream, December: Eggnog, Peppermint Stick, Rum & Ginger Snap, Valentines Day: Kahlua, Cheesecake, St. Patrick’s Day: Bailey’s Irish Cream & Guinness (yes, made with real Guinness) – so you never know what flavors you are going to find!

HF: Cup or cone? Sugar or waffle?

EM: Always a cone (ice cream is meant to be licked).  I always choose sugar or waffle, but never wafer – just my personal preference.

HF: Would win in a fight – Ben or Jerry?

EM: Neither.  They would settle it over an ice cream.

HF: On a scale of 1-10 – how much do you like ice cream?

EM: I go to 11!

HF: How come all of your employees don’t talk with an English accent?

EM: Heck, I don’t even speak with a British accent.  “England” is for my last name: Jane England. Most people think the name is supposed to be “New England” or that there is something British about the ice cream – NEITHER it is just my name – heck I am Portuguese!  However, a few years ago, the staff did speak like pirates on National Talk Like a Pirate Day.

HF: Are there any plans for vegan or non-dairy ice cream options? Do you already have some available?

EM: We do offer sorbet which is a non-dairy option.  One of our very first staff members was vegan and he ate the sorbet all of the time.  I do not have plans to make a vegan ice cream – ice cream just by its definition is not vegan.

HF: What are your hopes for Haverhill’s downtown? What else would you like to see there?

EM: I have high hopes for Haverhill’s downtown.  I am extremely optimistic with the renovations with the Hamel Mill Lofts, the Cardovan and the soon to be completed Hayes Building.  The restaurant district is thriving.  I would love to see the addition of a children’s toy store!!

Be sure to fan England’s Microcreamery on Facebook and stop by this summer for what is honestly, probably the best ice cream you’ll ever have.

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  1. It's Firg says:

    Two Comments….

    1. I think we should stop calling chocolate sprinkles Jimmies..I’m pretty sure it started with a racist intent.

    2. I bet those teenagers were a mile high…

  2. Re: point #2: ha ha ha ha ha