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How Cosmic Got Her Falafel Back

Monday, August 23rd, 2010 by

Sure, sure, Haverhill’s been experiencing a few setbacks on the ol’ cool-ometer lately. But, all along I’ve clung to what shimmering bits of hope for this city’s future as a kick-ass place to live that I can- a chief one among them being the availability of a totally decent falafel. Naturally then, when Chris reported earlier this month that J.J.’s Kabob and Pizzaria had closed, I was pretty crushed.

Luckily, fate was quick to intervene and a couple weekends ago, between an epic business trip to California and a much-needed vacation sans Internet, I took note of something peculiar going on down Salem St.

Bradford Country Store: 558 Salem St.

Not only was the Bradford Country Store covered in signs proclaiming it under new management, but, um, well, it was night time (as in nearly after dark!) and the Bradford Country Store actually appeared to be OPEN.

This realization barely had a moment to crystallize in my mind when my husband casually mumbled “oh yeah, that place is open again,” and just like that Sunny D commercial from the 80’s, he rambled off a list of completely unappealing offerings before saying the most magical words I have heard come out of his mouth since “I do.”

“And, uhhhh, they’ve got falafel.”

I had to see for myself…immediately. My fellow Haverhillians, yea verily, I have been to the Bradford Country Store and I have tasted the falafel, and it is good!


A finer falafel I can’t imagine. Unlike J.J.’s, the Bradford Country Store offers up deep fried chick pea patties with no annoying crunchy bits inside! And the wrap had just the right amount of tahini sauce and plenty of fresh salad crammed inside. Heavenly!

I also took a sample bite of their kibbe and it was also pretty awesome, too. Now I can’t wait to try out their shawarma and fattoush. Their more conventional sandwiches sound great, too. “The Bradford” is roast beef piled high and topped with BBQ sauce, and while I’m not into the ingredients, it’s oddly satisfying to know there’s a sandwich named after my street.

bRADford has officially obtained a trifecta of good eats: Village Square, Bradford Country Store, and Evenfall could easily round out a gut-busting day of self-indulgent gorging, no trip across the bridge required!

6 Responses to “How Cosmic Got Her Falafel Back”

  1. Ben says:

    So now that you’ve got the falafel pegged – have you found a decent giro? I got spoiled by the Greek Corner down in Cambridge, with it’s Greek sandwich awesomeness… so now I’ve been looking for a decent one closer… any pointers?

  2. Sara says:

    Fattoush! The most yummiest of all salads !

  3. Sharon says:

    Check out the new Breakfast Cafe in Academy Plaza. Bright and friendly, just opened by some very good friends of mine.

  4. Kathy says:

    Went there twice for falafel. 1st time, he couldn’t make it for me because it hadn’t set long enough & fell apart as he tried to submerge them in the oil. Bummer. 2nd time, I asked the lady for falafel & she looked horrified; she tried her best but it was cold in the middle. :-( Side note, was in Market Basket @ Westgate this morning & noticed Joseph’s now is selling pre packaged “lunch” falafel compete with hummus & tabbouleh in there too! It’s in the case by the deli where they sell their stuff usually.

  5. user says:

    im glad this website finally died

  6. Cosmic Amanda says:

    Just resting. I’ll be back to annoy you again soon.