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About Haverhill Fever

Haverhill Fever is a blog celebrating Haverhill, MA.

Our mission is to:

• become a voice of Haverhill citizens
• promote the people, places, and businesses that make Haverhill a great place to live
• foster civic discussion and encourage new art, culture, and business projects that appeal to our audience

Who are we?

Chris Simpson – putting the “hey” in Haverhill

Cosmic Amanda – putting the “rad” in Bradford

And sometimes others.

9 Responses to “About Haverhill Fever”

  1. Linette says:

    Hey Guys!
    Just wanted to say I absolutely love the blog. My husband and I bought a condo in Haverhill in Oct. 2009 and love the place. I, too drive by the abandoned buildings and graffiti and love the character they give to the city and wish they could be turned into thriving businesses without ruining the “urban” feel of the neighborhood.
    Just wanted to say great job! I look forward to every new post!

    Linette LoConte

  2. HCE says:

    Hey…just happened upon this site…don’t suppose you (or Rick Barber) have any inside info on the former sad and decaying Kmart location??

  3. Hi HCE-

    According to the mayor’s Facebook page, Market Basket is going to build a new expanded store where the old KMart was. The current MB will be converted into a bank and a couple additional store fronts. Not really as exciting as a lot of people had hoped, but the mayor seems psyched.

  4. Jim Fiorentini says:

    Thanks for the positive promotion of our city!

  5. Eric says:

    Just stumbled upon this, thanks the the Mayor and his latest newsletter. Thanks Mayor. Why didn’t I think of this. So far I likey!

  6. MRSCSOUP says:

    Is it true the Purple Onion is going to downtown Haverhill in the old Heathers location???

  7. It’s true! I spoke to the owner and he was aiming to be open this week, but the windows are still covered, so it seems the snow is delaying things a bit.

  8. MRSCSOUP says:

    Great Happenings…. I am sure they will draw in a great crowd… Wishing them much success!!! I can’t wait let us know when the grand opening is..

  9. ShawnSullivan says:

    You have a nice page. I will start to follow your blog. FYI I am pretty sure there exists a song called Haverhill Fever from somewhere between twenty and thrity five years ago. The only fragments I recall are roughly “Out (or down ?) by the lake they call Kenoza …” and a reference to Dutton’s Airport. I thought you might like the synchronicity if you can find it.

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