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Haverhillebrities: Tom Bergeron!

March 24th, 2010 by

A city is only as cool as the celebrities it spawns, right? Well then, Haverhill is officially a big bag of awesome, because we can lay claim to America’s second funniest host of America’s Funniest Home Videos: Tom Bergeron!

Born and raised in Haverhill, Tom made his mark on the city at 17 as the youngest deejay ever to hit the airwaves at WHAV.  “Hey, I started doing radio when I was 17” I thought, and instantly felt totally cool! Of course, then I remembered that while Tom would go on to host Granite State Challenge, People Are Talking, Good Morning America, Hollywood Squares, Dancing with the Stars, etc etc, I went on to be sitting here waxing poetic in some dumb blog about how cool Tom Bergeron is.


The opening paragraph on Tom’s Wikipedia page lists the top 3 most important things to know about him, and they are:

  • He has hosted a ton of shows.
  • He won a Daytime Emmy he’s so good!
  • Dude was born in Haverhill.

‘Nuff said.

Um,  somebody hand me the duct tape, because Tom Bergeron is RIPPED!