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Peddler’s Daughter: Bringing Brunch Back to Haverhill

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011 by

You may remember I’ve bemoaned downtown Haverhill’s lack of a good brunch before.  I mean, as much as I love Village Square, there are some Sunday mornings that simply require something a bit fancier…and, let’s be honest, a mimosa.

So, when I was at The Peddler’s Daughter Saturday night and noticed a flier on the wall announcing brunch from 12 – 3pm on Sundays, I could not have been more excited. So excited, in fact, that I went right home to bed so that I could wake up, rush back to Peds, and stuff it in my face. (My  back-to-back Foursquare check-ins did not go unnoticed by Bob Simonds who asked “did you sleep there?” Har har)

The Peddler's Daughter, 45 Wingate St.: Sunday brunch savior.

I did have self-pride enough to not sit in the same booth that had been the scene of the previous night’s debauchery. And I decided to save the mimosa for next time, opting instead for water and coffee. So, this was no brunch of shame.

Here’s the menu, with options for everybody, and reasonable prices, too!

Free Range Omelet: Vine Ripened Tomato, Fresh Imported Mozzarella, Fresh Torn Basil, Fresh Seasonal Fruit Salad

Grand Marnier French Toast: Thick Slab Applewood Smoked Bacon, Vermont Maple Syrup

Poached Eggs: with Peddler’s Corned Beef Hash Cakes, Delicious Béarnaise Sauce

Belgium Waffle: featuring Seasonal Berries, Topped with Fresh Whipped Cream & Vermont Maple Syrup

Steak & Eggs: Grilled Tenderloin Tips, Poached Eggs, Grilled Beefsteak Tomato, Delicious Béarnaise Sauce

Build your own Free Range Omelet:
Diced Tomato, Purple onions, Mushrooms, Bacon, Spinach,
Aged Cheddar or Big Eye Swiss Served with Fresh Seasonal Fruit Salad

Irish Scrambled Eggs: Oak Smoked Salmon, Scrambled Eggs, Toasted Irish Brown Bread, Fresh Seasonal Fruit Salad

Hangover Burger:
8oz Angus Burger, Sunnyside Egg, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Big Eye Swiss, House Cut Fries or Sweet Fries, Homemade Ketchup


Hairy Mary Bloody Mary: Absolut Citron Vodka, Ped’s House Mix, Celery Stalk

Loosy Goosy Mimosa: Cristalinno Cava, Fresh Orange Juice

16oz Can Narragansett: No Explanation needed

I’m usually an omelet aficionado, but I just had to try the Irish scrambled eggs, while my partner-in-dine Forrest tucked into the Grand Marnier french toast, heartied up with a side of corn beef hash.

Yes, the mug and glass were purposefully posed.

The portions were just right to bridge the breakfast – lunch gap, and everything was super tasty. The only thing I didn’t like about our brunch? It was a bit lonely. Look at all the empty tables!

Looking for a few good brunchers.

Come on, you guys. Haverhill once gave us brunch but we didn’t show it the love it needed and look what happened. Now, we have a second chance at something very special. Let’s make it work this time!

If loving brunch is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

5 Responses to “Peddler’s Daughter: Bringing Brunch Back to Haverhill”

  1. Pizza for Breakfast!!??? says:

    Wow…I don’t remember the last time I saw that place while the sun was still shining. Looks far less dungeony.

  2. I know, right!? It was a whole different experience in the daylight. Though I find the nighttime basement coziness is perfect for this time of year.

  3. zen says:

    Have you tried the Grill Next Door for breakfast yet?

  4. Cosmic Amanda says:

    Not yet! I usually stick to Village Square for proximity reasons, but I will roll out of bed for a really good breakfast burrito. If they have that menu item nailed, they just may get me.

  5. Jeremiah says:

    I know a couple of years ago, not sure if it is still going on, Olivia’s had a sweet brunch on Sundays. I went to a couple but they only ran it in the cold months.