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Anyone in Haverhill up for a Great Adventure?

Monday, January 24th, 2011 by

Every Saturday I take a break from hanging out in, thinking of or blogging about Haverhill, and head down to the basement of the Salem State University campus center, where I host a weekly radio show on WMWM called Radioculars.  (SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT!)

Lately I’ve been especially digging and consequently packing my weekly playlist with emerging lo-fi synth-heavy genre chillwave. And each week as I sit there, spinning the fly jams, I daydream about what it would be part of  a totally rad experimental band.

Well, the gods of indie rock must have been smiling down on me that afternoon,  because as I did my usual once-over of Craigslist for amusing Haverhill-related posts, I came across this ad from Andy,  a local musician searching for like-minded people to jam with in hopes of  getting a project going.  Of course the word SYNTH jumped right out at me. With the earnest vulnerability of someone starting afresh after a break up, (I get it- creative pursuits are deeply emotional) Andy explains what he’s looking for:

Click to see the full posting in all its marvelous glory.

Well, since he put it out there that the band is called The Great Adventure AND has a Facebook page, I just had to do some investigative googling…and I was not disappointed. Check out The Great Adventure:

I know, I know, it’s just two kids messing around, but it’s actually not half bad. In fact, I can just see it now- throw in a distant sounding vocal track, slap on some knock-off Wayfarers,  drown the whole thing in lo-fi buzz, and we have the makings of the hottest new chillwave sensation right here in Haverhill.

What do you think? Am I crazy, or is there magic happening in this basement? More importantly, should I offer this kid my skills as lead vocalist/triangle player? I could always use a third hobby…

6 Responses to “Anyone in Haverhill up for a Great Adventure?”

  1. bob says:

    One word: Synth Duran Duran cover band!

  2. One word? *counts fingers*

  3. zen says:

    Well, I think you’d have a task getting him to dabble in the chill genre considering his age, but he definitely has a good electronic-rave-vibe going on. Think Glo-sticks vs thai-sticks.

  4. Not just chill, Zen, chillWAVE. It’s totally a thing, I swear. Kind of ravey, but just a tad more noisy.

  5. Plush Boston says:

    Finding and exploring new and different sounds, talent and getting it out there…. BIG PROPS!!!
    I work for a studio in Haverhill that teaches kids “rock band” instruments, vocals and also has an amazing dance studio.
    I’m looking for ways to get these kids talents out there, and build there self confidence even more. If you can help or just want to chat ..
    please HMU…
    thanks for your time